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MagicCall – Voice Changer App
App Name MagicCall – Voice Changer App
Latest Version v.2.0.7
Last Updated
Publisher BNG MOBILE
Requirements Android Android 8.0 and up Android Android 8.0 and up
Category Socical Socical
Size 35 MB
Mods Unlimited credits
Google Playstore

5 Rating (1) Votes

5 Rating (1 Votes )
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Magic Call is an innovative voice changer application designed to modify users’ voices into various sounds during phone calls, offering options such as cartoon, female, male, robot, kid, and granddad voices. Additionally, the app provides background sound effects like rain, traffic, and concert ambiance.

To utilize Magic Call, users follow these steps:

Choose a contact or manually dial a number.
Initiate Magic Call.
The voice changer will transform the user’s voice according to the selected preset.
Enjoy listening to the reactions of friends or callers.
Magic Call is conveniently available for download on both the App Store and Google Play platforms, offering users a seamless experience across different devices and operating systems.

Magic call voice changer mod apk
Magic call voice changer mod apk

Magic Call mod apk

MagicCall is a free voice changer app available for Android devices. It enables users to modify their voices in real-time during phone calls. Additionally, the app offers features such as call coloring, playing musical sounds, and creating humorous phone calls.

Other voice changer apps that allow users to apply voice effects during live calls include Voicemod, Clownfish, MagicMic, CleVoice, IntCall, and Voice Changer with Effects.

Here’s a revised version of the provided information in English (US) language:

An Android app that enables real-time application of voice effects during phone calls, allowing users to modify their voices.

Another Android app that facilitates real-time voice modulation during phone calls, offering users the ability to apply various voice effects.

A voice-changing application for Android that permits users to alter their voices in real time during phone conversations, providing a range of voice effects.

Available for both Android and iOS, CleVoice allows users to transform their voices using different filters during phone calls.

Designed for iPhone and Android devices, IntCall allows users to modify their voices with various effects during phone calls, enhancing the communication experience.

Voice Changer with Effects:
This app, compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, offers an extensive array of voice effects, enabling users to seamlessly switch between different tones, pitches, and styles during phone calls.

Magic Call is an entertaining application developed by BNG Mobile, designed to personalize phone calls by allowing users to modify their voices and backgrounds. By altering these elements, users can prank friends or maintain anonymity during calls. This app offers various voice options, including male, cartoon, female, kid, and dream girl voices, along with backgrounds such as traffic, music, rain sounds, office ambiance, and birthday tunes.

To use Magic Call, follow these steps:

Select a Voice: Choose from a range of voices available in the app, allowing you to test each voice before making a call.

Choose a Background: After selecting a voice, pick a background sound from options like traffic, music, rain, office ambiance, or birthday tunes.

Select the Contact: Choose the contact you wish to call, either from your list or by manually entering the number.

Make the Call: Click the call button to initiate the call with the selected voice and background.

Magic Call offers several outstanding features:

Real-Time Voice Changing: The app changes your voice in real-time during calls, ensuring seamless alteration without detection.

Easy Voice Switching: Users can switch between different voices mid-call without difficulty, maintaining the conversation flow.

Credit System: Upon registration, users receive credits that they can use to test various features. Additional credits can be earned by watching ads or purchased.

Compatibility: Magic Call is compatible with all devices and consumes minimal data, provided there is an internet connection.

Voice Customization: Users can incorporate sound emotions into their voice, adding fun and versatility to their calls.

Magic Call also offers a referral program where users can earn credits by inviting friends to use the app. The MOD APK version of Magic Call eliminates limitations present in the free version, providing an ad-free experience and unlimited credits for making calls. It also grants access to all voices and backgrounds.

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Magic call voice changer mod apk

MagicCall is an innovative voice changer application available for both iOS and Android users via the App Store and Google Play, respectively. With MagicCall, users can transform their voices in real-time during phone calls, adding an element of fun and creativity to their conversations. The app offers various voice options, including female, older, and normal male voices, catering to diverse preferences.

In addition to voice modulation, MagicCall provides users with the option to color their calls and play background music, enhancing the overall calling experience. Furthermore, users can choose to play a callback after altering their voice, adding an extra layer of entertainment.

Among the alternatives to MagicCall are several other voice changer applications, each offering unique features:

Voicemod: Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, Voicemod integrates seamlessly with popular communication apps, expanding its utility across various platforms.
Clownfish: Designed specifically for live calls, Clownfish enables users to change their voices in real-time, adding a touch of amusement to conversations.
MagicMic: Similar to MagicCall, MagicMic allows users to modify their voices during live calls, providing a diverse selection of voice options for users to experiment with.
Skype: While primarily known as a communication platform, Skype also offers voice-changing capabilities, allowing users to alter their voices during phone calls.
These voice changer apps cater to users seeking to personalize their calling experiences and add an element of fun to their conversations. Whether it’s for entertainment or practical purposes, these applications offer a range of features to suit varying preferences and needs.

Magic Call mod apk


In conclusion, Magic Call is a safe and enjoyable app for modifying phone calls, offering entertainment and anonymity options. Users can enhance their calling experience and have fun with friends while maintaining privacy. The Magic Call MOD APK for Android enhances the app’s features, making it a worthwhile download for those seeking additional capabilities.

How do I cancel my magic call subscription?

To cancel a subscription on an iPhone, follow these steps:

Open Settings.
Tap on your name.
Select Subscriptions.
Choose the subscription you wish to cancel.
Tap Cancel Subscription.
For canceling a subscription on an Android device, use the following steps:

Navigate to Subscriptions in Google Play.
Find and select the subscription you want to cancel.
Tap Cancel subscription.
Follow the provided instructions to complete the cancellation process.

How do I change my voice from male to female during a call?

Here are some alternative voice changer apps that enable users to switch their voices from male to female during phone calls:

FineShare FineVoice: Allows users to choose a female voice from the human voice category. Users can change their voice by downloading the Voice AI installer, accepting the terms of service, and granting necessary permissions.
VoiceMod: A free voice changer suitable for phone calls, online games, social apps, and video chats.
Speechify Voice Over Studio: Offers realistic female voice over options for users.
Additionally, users can alter their voice on Siri by accessing Siri in their settings, ensuring Siri voice is set to “American Voice two,” and selecting the desired voice.

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