Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At, safeguarding user information security and privacy is of utmost importance. This policy outlines our commitment to protecting your personal data, aligning with regulatory standards, and ensuring a secure and effective user experience on the website.

User Agreement:

By utilizing and accessing our website, you acknowledge having read and fully agreed to this Privacy Policy. Updates to this policy, found at the top of this article, are effective upon release. We recommend regular reviews for awareness.

Definition of Data:

“Personal Information” refers to data collected by during website visits, identifying or capable of identifying individuals. Exclusions encompass sensitive details such as race, political views, and health data. may request explicit consent for collecting personal photos.

Data Collection Methods:

Website Browsing:

Anonymous browsing typically doesn’t require personal data disclosure.
Automated tools capture technical information through cookies for identity verification, security, service enhancement, and analytics.
Google Extension – Google Docs:

Users access Google Docs anonymously, with data collected solely to ensure application functionality.
Technical and statistical data may be gathered via cookies, following our Cookie Policy.
Third-Party Links and Social Media Widgets:

Links to external websites adhere to their privacy policies.
Social media features may collect IP addresses and usage data, governed by the respective platform’s privacy policy.

User Rights:

Access Rights: Users can confirm if their personal data is being processed.
Correction Rights: Users can request correction of inaccurate personal data.
Erasure Rights: Users may request the deletion of personal data, with certain exceptions outlined.
Revocation Rights: Users can withdraw consent for data processing at any time.

Privacy Policy Modification: retains the right to amend this Privacy Policy. Changes will be communicated through platform announcements, and continued use implies acceptance. Users dissenting to policy changes can cease using services.

Complaints and Contact:

For complaints and data protection concerns, contact us at [email protected].

This policy is subject to modification, and users are encouraged to stay informed about our privacy practices.