mySitemap Help

I have tried scanning my site but only one page shows up.

A. If you are trying to scan a website at an address which uses web forwarding/url redirection, you must scan the actual address your website is hosted at, not the address visible in your browser. A few websites will not be scannable due to the way the domain is forwarded.
A2. URLs are checked during scanning and are case sensitive, make sure the url you are trying to scan is correct. e.g. Scanning will ignore because /ThisPage/ and /thispage/ not using the same case.

mySitemap cannot find any links on my website.

A. See Question Above.

mySitemap does not find all the pages on my website.

A. Make sure you have not accidentally left a scan filter in place that is preventing mySitemap from seeing the missing pages. If this is not the problem then you may have found a bug, please report the problem here making sure to tell us the domain you were scanning and which page(s) was/were missed.
A2. See First Question.

mySitemap seems to take rather a long time to scan my site, is there something wrong.

A. Unfortunately it just takes a while to scan some websites, your connection speed and the speed of your computer both affect scanning times.

When i start a scan, mySItemap freezes and shows the spinning ball of death.

A. This is a problem with a few computer configurations, we are working on a fix but for now all we can recommend is to force quite mySitemap and restart, this should fix the problem.

I have a question which is not listed here.

A. You can contact Tangled Software support through this contact form